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Top 5 things guys
want to know
to blend away
grey & look great.

How do i apply it?

All of our products are designed to be easy to use. Some get mixed like a martini and shampoo’d in. Some just comb in. Watching a quick How-To video makes it even easier. You’ve got this.

How long does it last?

JFM products last up to 8 weeks or until the grey grows back.

USER TIP: Guys tell us they use JFM the same day they get their haircut, so they look 100% refreshed and no one is the wiser.

How long does it take to use?

Most of our products work in 5 minutes. AutoStop only takes 10.

What will it look like?

Since Just For Men blends away the grey with tones of your natural colour, it looks like your natural colour before you got the grey.

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How do I pick the right shade?

When in doubt, always go one shade lighter than you think you are.


We believe guys should protect the hair like they protect the family jewels during penalty kicks. That's why Just For Men has always been free of damaging ammonia, and our JFM Ultra formula is also peroxide-free. Believe it or not, it's as gentle as water. Bonus: Getting rid of greys makes your hair look thicker and fuller. Cheers!

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