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What shampoo should I use?

Use a shampoo for colour treated hair. These shampoos have lower levels of surfactants, which reduces fading.

Is colouring my hair time consuming?

No. Since all of our products are permanent, you only have to use it when the grey grows back. The process itself is quick and only takes a few minutes.

How do I pick the right shade?

Use our Shade Selector. If you have a little bit of grey, you should use a lighter shade. If you have a lot of grey you should use the shade that is closest to your hair colour. If you can’t decide between two shades, try the lighter one first.

How often should I colour my hair?

Use it when you notice that the grey is growing back. A good rule of thumb is to use it after a haircut every 4 weeks.

How is Just for Men® Mustache & Beard different from Just for Men® Shampoo-in haircolour or ULTRA?

Just For Men® Mustache & Beard is formulated specifically for colouring facial hair — which is coarser than the hair on your head and requires a thicker, more penetrating formula. It comes with a brush to make application fast and simple. Each package is good for multiple colourings. Just For Men® Mustache & Beard comes in the same shades as other Just For Men® products.

How is Just For Men® ULTRA different from Just For Men® Shampoo in hair colour?

You do not need to mix any components. Everything you need comes in one tube. ULTRA comes with an applicator comb. ULTRA stops at the target colour after 10 minutes for perfect results every time.

I have been using Just for Men® Shampoo-in Haircolour and want to try Just for Men® ULTRA. Which shade should I use?

Just For Men® ULTRA comes in 8 shades that have been designed to match the corresponding Just For Men® shades. If you are currently using one of the other Just For Men® shades, ULTRA could come out a little lighter or darker than what you are used to with regular Just For Men®. Start with the ULTRA shade that is lighter than your current Just For Men® shade (i.e., Medium Brown if you are using Medium-Dark Brown).

How is Just for Men® ULTRA different from women’s hair-colouring products?

Women’s products change the colour of every hair on your head — whether it is grey or not — providing a less natural look. They also come in a variety of fashion colours, which are not appropriate for men who don’t want obvious colour changes. Further, Just For Men® ULTRA only takes 10 minutes to apply versus 30 to 45 minutes. And finally, it’s safer and non-damaging since it’s 100% peroxide and ammonia-free, unlike most women’s colour brands. Bottom line: Just For Men® ULTRA was developed by men for men to match men’s specific needs

How does ULTRA stop at the target colour?

After ten minutes, all colour molecules have reacted with the oxygen in the air and the colour will not change anymore if you leave it on longer. Other Haircolour products keep changing colour after the recommended time.

Are there instructions for Just for Men®?

For Just For Men® Shampoo-In Haircolour instructions, click here. For Just For Men® Mustache & Beard instructions, click here. Note: Always do a simple skin allergy (alert) test 48 hours before you use your Just For Men product. Do the patch test on the inside bend of your elbow each and every time.


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